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Rotary International World Convention
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PM Modi speaks at the Rotary Convention, describing India as the “home of Buddha and Gandhi.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that India is the home of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, who exemplified what it means to live for others. While electronically addressing the Rotary International World Convention, the Prime Minister commented. He described the Rotarians as a perfect blend of “success and service,” “Every Rotary gathering of this …

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
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PM Modi speaks in Bharuch’s ‘Utkarsh Samaroh’ and communicates with people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke through video conference to “Utkarsh Samaroh” in Gujarat’s Bharuch on Thursday to commemorate the district’s 100% saturation of four key state government initiatives that will help deliver prompt financial assistance to individuals in need. During his speech, he chatted with the audience and discussed how the “Utkarsh Initiative” schemes benefited …